LeBron James

  • Born

    Lebron James was born in Ohio, United States.
  • High school

    High school
    High school basketball he was called KIng James.
  • Player of the Year

    Player of the Year
    Won Prep Player of theYear in High school.
  • NBA Draft

    NBA Draft
    Lebron James drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers 1st round draft.
  • Rookie of the Year

    Rookie of the Year
    Best rookie of the Year.
  • Most Points in a Year

    Most Points in a Year
    Scored the most NBA points in a Year.
  • Olympics

    Won gold medal in the US Olympics.
  • MVP

    Won the Most Valuble Player on Cleveland.
  • New Team

    New Team
    Went to the Miami Heat.
  • All Star

    All Star
    Made it to the All Star.