• 527

    Justinian 1st

  • Sep 16, 1216

    kubia khan

    september 23,1216
    emperor of of china
    grandson of genghis khan
    in 1259 was elected khan but had to battle brother for position
  • Thomas Jefferson

    In office - march 4, 1801 to march 4, 1809 .
    He was famous for the Declaration of Independence .
    Being the 3rd president of the united states .
    He purchased the Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars .
    He implemented the embargo of foreign trade .
  • abraham lincoln

    16th president of u.s
    the first repblican president
    was a lawyer/politician
    signed the emanicaption proclamation
  • vi lenin

    april 22,1870
    driving force behind russian revoultion
    the first great dictator of the soviet union
    led the bolsheviks
  • kim jung 2

    february 16,1941
    dictator of north korea
    succeed his father
    had no military background but still ruled
  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    Governor General
    In office from Aug 14,1947 to Sep 11,1948
    He made president for pakistan
    The founder of pakistan
  • Kim ll Sung

    Kim Il-sung served as premier and president of North Korea and ran the country for decades, spearheading the creation of an Orwellian regime.
    He was elected country president in 1972, and held the position until his death on July 8, 1994.
    Kim remained in the Soviet Union from 1940 until the end of World War II .
    He dived north korea and south korea .