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Khmer epire

  • 500

    trade between Khmer and indians

    trade between Khmer and indians
    Evidence of trade between the Khmers and the indian peoples
  • Period: 500 to


  • Period: 550 to Nov 24, 700

    Change of dominance

    Chenla replaces Funan as dominant kingdom
  • Period: Nov 29, 770 to Nov 29, 834


    Jayavarman 2 unifies smaller states to create a larger empire
  • Nov 29, 802


    Jayavarman 2 ethroned as god king or deveraja.
  • Period: Nov 29, 834 to Nov 29, 1145

    Angkor wat

    Khmer empire expands, angkor wat is built.
    Buddhism also becomes important
  • Period: Nov 29, 1177 to Nov 29, 1178

    Cham kingdom strikes

    Cham kingdom invades Khmer empires eastern territory,
  • Period: Nov 29, 1181 to Nov 29, 1219

    Jayavarman VII defeats cham kingdom

    Jayavarman VII defeats Cham kingdom and expands empire to present day laos and thailand, burma.
  • Period: Nov 29, 1243 to Nov 29, 1298

    Buddhism renounced Hinduism main religion

    Jayavarman VIII renounces Buddhism, Buddhism temples are destroyed in the process. Hinduism becomes main religion.
  • Nov 29, 1300

    Buddhism grows

    Buddhism grows
    Buddhism grows in importance, is then made main religion of Khmer kings.
  • Nov 29, 1400

    Khmers relocate

    Khmers relocate
    Khmer rulers relocate the capital to phnom penh
  • Nov 29, 1431

    Thai army

    Thai army
    Thai army attacks Angkor
  • Nov 29, 1432

    Khmers abandon Angkor wat

    Khmers abandon Angkor wat
    Khmers abandon Angkor Wat. Lococation forgotten as over the centuries the jungle grew around and over it.
  • Khmer king defeated

    Khmer king defeated
    Siamese kings attack and defeat Khmer king.
  • Khmer empire defeated by Vietnamese

    Khmer empire defeated by Vietnamese
    Vietnamese armies attack Khmer forces in Mekong river delta and defeat the Khmers.