Khmer Empire

  • Period: Oct 27, 770 to


    Jayavarman II unifies smaller states to create 1 large empire.
  • Period: Oct 27, 1177 to Oct 27, 1178

    Cham invasion

    Cham kingdom invades much of Khmer empires eastern territory.
  • Period: Oct 27, 1181 to Oct 27, 1219

    Jayavarnam victory against Chams

    Jayavarnam VII defeats the Chams and expands the Empire.
  • Period: Oct 28, 1243 to Oct 28, 1298

    Hinduism becomes the main Religion

    Rule of jayavarman VIII, He renounces buddhism and orders that buddhism temples and images be destroyed and hinduism becomes the main religion
  • Oct 27, 1300

    Buddhism returns

    Buddhism grows in importance and again becomes the main religion of the Khmer kings.
  • Oct 27, 1431

    Thai army attacks

    Thai army attacks Angkor.
  • Oct 27, 1432

    Khmers abandon Angkor

    Khmers abandon Angkor over subsequent centuries, the jungle grows over and around Angkor and it's location is forgotten.
  • Siamese king attacks

    Siamese (Thai) king attacks and defeats Khmer king.
  • The fall of the Khmer

    Viatnamese armies reapeatedly attacks Khmer forces. In the Meekong river, Delta and defeats the Khmer and approximate modern borders of Cambodia.
  • Period: to Oct 27, 1145

    Angkor Wat

    Khmer empire expands and angkor wat is built, Buddhism becomes important.