Khmer Empire

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  • Period: 550 to Dec 1, 600


    Kingdom in the lower Mekong area, Funan, rises and falls.
  • Period: 550 to Jan 1, 700


    Chenla replaces the kingdom of Funan and becomes a dominant empire.
  • Period: Jan 1, 770 to Jan 1, 834

    Formation of the Empire

    King Jayavarman II joins many small towns to form one joint empire. He decides to make the capital in the Ankgor region of Khmer
  • Period: Jan 1, 834 to Jan 1, 1145

    Strengthening of the Khmer Empire

    Khmer empire expands and the Angkor Wot is built. Buddism becomes the main religion
  • Period: Jan 1, 1177 to Jan 1, 1178

    Invasion of the Cham Kingdom

    The Cham kingdom invades the Khmer’s eastern Empire
  • Period: Jan 1, 1181 to Jan 1, 1219

    Defeat of Cham People

    Jayavarman VII defeats he Cham people and extends the empire and covers most of present-day Laos, Thailand and Burma
  • Period: Jan 1, 1243 to Jan 1, 1298

    Jayavarman VIII takes over the throne

    Jayavarman VIII rules the throne after the death of Jayavarman VII. He denies the Buddhist religion and orders for the Buddhist temples to be brought down. Hinduism then becomes the main religion.
  • Jan 1, 1432

    Abandoning of Angkor

    Abandoning of Angkor
    Khmer Empire abandon Angkor. Over many, many years, jungle grows and covers Angkor. Rendering its location as forgotten
  • Jan 1, 1440

    Relocation of the capital

    Relocation of the capital
    Approximately the time when the rulers of the Khmer Empire relocate the capital to the city of Phnom Penh. Now the modern day capital of Cambodia.
  • Attack of Thai king

    Attack of Thai king
    The Siamese (Thai) king attacks the Khmer king and wins
  • Fall of Khmer Empire

    Fall of Khmer Empire
    The Vietnamese army frequently attacks the Khmer forces in the Mekong River and they defeat the Khmer. The approximate borders on modern-day Cambodia are formed.