Keystone Pipeline

Timeline created by Paul_VDB
  • Pipeilne Creation

    2006 The first Keystone pipeline is injected into the Seward area, cut through the protective zone. The Seaward Women League faces a lack of lawmaking associated with the oil pipeline in Nebraska at a meeting with contemporary Senator Greg Adams.
  • What and why?

    TransCanada Corp. and the joint owners of the Keystone ConocoPhillips pipeline offer a significant expansion of the network called Keystone XL. A new addition of hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil bitumen from Alberta to Texas was proposed. TransCanada offers a formal request for a project construction permit in a few months, and the organic groups are opposed.
  • Assessments Project

    While the US State Department is assessing the comments based on an environmental assessment of the project, TransCanada is beginning to visit homeowners who may have been affected by the pipeline. Opposition appears in Nebraska.
  • Released of the Draft

    The United State Department release a Draft of the Pipeline with a restricted and limited effects on the environment.
  • Delay

    The State Department announces a further delay in its environmental assessment.
  • Protesters

    At a demonstration on Parliament Hill, police arrest 117 of 400 protesters.
  • Reroute the Pipeline

    The entreprise TransCanada must reroute de Pipeline in order to avoid an ecological sensitive area of Nebraska
  • Agreement of TransCanada

    TransCanada agrees to reroute the pipeline
  • Rejection of Obama

    Obama rejects the pipeline but TransCanada could still apply a new application
  • New Route

    TransCanada submits a new route to avoid Nebraska
  • Sue Time

    Opponents of the pipeline filed a lawsuit against the Nebraska government alleging that the state's law used to revise the new highway is unconstitutional.
  • New Cost of the Pipeline

    TransCanada announces that the new cost of the Pipeline is 8 million instead of 5,4 million
  • Vetoes

    Obama vetoes the bill.
  • Request of TransCanada

    TransCanada asks the US government to suspend the application
  • Rejection of the US Government

    The US government rejects the request of TransCanada
  • Donald Trumps Opinion

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would appreciate Keystone XL if he was chosen, a promise he repeated several times during the campaign.
  • Trump for President

    Trump has been elected for President
  • Presidential Memorandum Signed

    Trump writes a presidential memo that paves the way for the US government. UU Rethinking Keystone XL, but proposes that the United States intend to renegotiate the terms of the project. He also writes an order that requires American pipelines to be built with American steel.