Kenyan Constitution

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  • Opposition rule

    Parliament votes to allow opposition.
  • Vice President resigns

    Former Vice President Mwai Kibaki resigns to form Democratic Party of Kenya (DP).
  • First legal opposition rally held

    Forum for the Restoration of Democracy holds first legal opposition rally in 22 years attended by 200,000 people, urges electorate to remove Daniel arap Moi.
  • First Multi-party elections

    First multi-party elections in 26 years. Daniel arap Moi is sworn in as president on Jan. 4.
  • Final Term for President Moi

    First multi-party elections in 26 years. Daniel arap Moi is sworn in as president on Jan. 4.
  • Former President Kibaki gets elected for the first time

    Kibaki, candidate of the opposition National Rainbow Coalition (NARC), wins presidential election pledging to deliver a new constitution within 100 days.
  • Parliamentary vote triggers violence

    Parliament votes to keep a strong presidency in a proposed new constitution. The vote triggers violence in which at least nine people are killed.
  • Final constitutional draft is published

    Kenya publishes a final draft of a new constitution, which will give the president powers to appoint and dismiss the prime minister.
  • Vote is rejected by the people

    Voters reject the new constitution in a referendum; Kibaki fires his government the next day.
  • Formation of a new party

    Ministers from Kibaki's ruling coalition, including Vice President Moody Awori, break away to form a new party, the National Rainbow Coalition-Kenya (NARC-Kenya).
  • Violence erupts in the wake of Kibaki's re-election

    Kibaki is declared winner of presidential poll and hurriedly sworn in. Riots erupt. His rival, Raila Odinga, says the vote was stolen.
  • Sharing of power

    Kibaki and Odinga sign power-sharing agreement after weeks of negotiations.
  • Are the polls of 2007 really reliable?

    An official inquiry says it is impossible to establish true or reliable results for the 2007 poll.
  • Long-awaited draft constitution finally released

    Kenya releases a long-awaited draft constitution, the first step in a full review, which many Kenyans say gives the president nearly unchecked power over state affairs. Kenyans have 30 days to give their views.
  • Parliamentary committee

    After public reading, the charter is returned to a parliamentary committee, which scraps the position of prime minister.
  • Parliament adopts draft constitution as part of reforms agreed in 2008, paving the way for a referendum.

    -- The International Criminal Court approves an investigation into clashes after the 2007 election, raising the prospect that Kenyan leaders could face trial in The Hague.
  • It's now up to the people

    Attorney General Amos Wako publishes the new draft constitution to be put to a national vote on Aug. 4.
  • Violence still present

    At least six people are killed and at least 100 are injured in a blast at a prayer meeting organised by church leaders who oppose the proposed constitution.
  • Arrests of hate-speech makers

    Police arrest three prominent politicians from the "no" camp on charges of hate speech
  • Higher pay for lawmakers

    Lawmakers vote to hike their monthly pay to the equivalent of $14,100, provoking widespread anger. The new constitution remove MPs' right to set their own salaries.
  • Referendum on new constitution

    Referendum on new constitution
  • Period: to

    Kenyan Constitution implementation process