Kennedy's Timeline!

  • 1

    Elie listens to Moishe Beadle's story of how he witnessed and experienced the harsh punishments the German gave to innocent Jews
  • 2

    All of the Jews in Sighet have to go to the ghetto that the Germans built in the center of the town.
  • 3

    All Jews were sent to Birkenaue
  • 4

    Loses his faith the first night in Auschwitz. Is seperated from his mother an sisters.
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    •Eliezer observes Idek having sex with a Polish girl. Eliezer is punished with 25 lashes on the whip
  • 64

    Elie and his dad are moved to Auschwits
  • hjlbahs

    On Rosh Hashanah, Eliezer decides man is stronger than God and on Yom Kippur, Eliezer decides not to perform the traditional fast,h to shake his fist in God’s face and to prevent himself from starving to death.
  • 4

    Elie moves to the United States