Kelly Clarkson

By AN3167
  • Kelly Clarkson's Birthday

    This was the day that Kelly Clarkson was born. She did not know she would one day be a famous singer. This day was the begining to a wonderful age of music.
  • Graduated Burelson Highschool

    This was the day Kelly Clarkson graduated highschool. She decided against going on to college, because she had already written many songs, and she felt she could go to college later if she wanted. Her career in music would soon begin.
  • Became an Active Musician

    This was the year that Kelly became an active musician. She sang on a regular basis. Her music career moved into action,
  • Moved to Los Angeles to Pursue Music

    Kelly's adventure began! This was the year she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her music career. She didn't stay long though. She went back to Texas after 4 months.
  • Won American Idol

    This was the day that Kelly won "American Idol". It was a great day for her. It put her singing carreer into high gear.
  • Song Released ("A Moment Like This")

    This was the release of one of her very first singles. "A Moment Like This" topped the Billboard Hot 100. This song was included in her album "Thankful".
  • World Idol Runner Up

    This year Kelly was a runner up in the "World Idol" competition. She went on to compete in this contest after winning on "American Idol" the year before.
  • Released Album (Thankful)

    This was the day that Kelly's Album "Thankful" was released. On th Billboard 200 this album was debuted at number one. Winning a certified double platinum, this album shipped three million copies.
  • Released Album (Breakaway)

    Breakaway was probably Kelly Clarksons most popular album. On Th Billboard 200 it debuted at number three. At the 48th Grammy Awards it recived two awards.
  • Breakaway World Tour

    This was the year that kelly clarkson went on a world tour with her "Breakaway" album. On this tour she traveled many places such as San Antonio, Texas and Torino, Italy.
  • Released Album ("Because of You")

    Kelly released "Because of You". Kelly originally wrote this song when she was 16 to cope with her parents divorce. On the Billboard Hot 100, this song peaked at number seven.
  • Released Album ("All I Ever Wanted")

    "All I ever Wanted" was the fourth studio album done by Kelly Clarkson. On the Billboard 200 it debuted at number one making it her second album to do so.
  • Album Released ("Mr. Know it All")

    "Mr. Know it All" was released. In America's charts it was Kelly's ninth top ten hit and her second highest debut. In Australian and Soth Korean international charts, it hit number one.
  • Released Album ("Stronger")

    Kelly's album, "Stronger" was released. It is the fifth studio album done by Kelly. On the Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number 10.
  • Album Released ("What Doesn't Kill You")

    "What Doesn't Kill You" was released on January 15, 2012. On the Billboard Hot 100, it topped at number one.