• birth

    In September 1997 he was born
  • Her first día to sing

    Her first día to sing
    When he was 5 he began to sing with his colleagues in the park
  • Black Diamond

    Black Diamond
    He was in a group black diamond we have formed by 3 people and they went to Got Talent. They didn't won, The group did not work very well and they had to separate.
  • Borracho y loco

    Borracho y loco
    Keen Kevy took a year to think about what to do in the world of music and find himself. After 3 years he released his first single called "borrachoyloco" today it has more than 16M views. It was the song that changed his life.
  • Period: to

    Cangris de Almería

    In December 2019 he took out "mi consuelo" with his cousin rvfv and it was a success, so they released "no quiero verte" in February 2020, and they hit it again with "nena mala" in 2021
  • Period: to

    Keen levy y zaira

    One of the collaborations that marked him in his musical life was Zaira, Keen Levy and Zaira are friends and two great artists with the power to make you feel their music and they demonstrated it to us 3 times and in different musical styles, in ballads with "tus besos ", flamenco with" sin ti "and bachata with" te quiero "and there may be more, the three songs, apart from bringing a lot of feeling when listening to them, also has a video clip that brings together a palicula. I love this dúo
  • La esencia

    La esencia
    After so many solo songs and collaboration, the artist decided to release his first album "la esencia", much requested by the public. It started with the song "canela" and today we don't know which one will be the last one, but the album has all styles, so it will please all its audience.