Justin Bieber

  • A little bit of his life

    A little bit of his life
    He was born in Canada, specifically in Ontario.
    In this city there is Niágara waterfall.
    In addition, he is an only child.
  • First song

    First song
    He began his musical career with the song One Time, which reached the twelfth position on the Canadian Hot 100 chart in its first week and later reached the seventeenth position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • First album

    First album
    The first album that Justin Bieber published is called My Worlds. The album won prizes like Young Hollywood Award to the newcomer, NME Award the worst album of the year. It included seven songs
  • Awards

    The most important awards he has won are Best Pop Album, Top Streaming Song, Top Billboard 200 Artist and Top Male Artist.
  • Greatest success

    Greatest success
    The greatest success of this singer was his album Justice, which was the most played of 2021. Justin obtained a record on Spotify thanks to the large number of plays it received.
  • What is he doing now ?

    What is he doing now ?
    Currently justin bieber does not sing and his last song was The Making of 'Honest'. He retired because he has a health problem.