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Justin Bieber

  • Justin's Birth

    Justin's Birth
  • Justin's First Drumset

    Justin's First Drumset
    At age 2 Justin gets his first drumset. This is when his love for music starts
  • Singing starts young

    Singing starts young
  • Justin Discovered by Scooter

    Justin Discovered by Scooter
    Scooter, a talent manager, discovered Justin's videos on Youtube and wanted to talk about where Justin can go in the future.
  • Justin's First Album

    Justin's First Album
    Justin's first album is released called My World. Some popular songs from that album are One Time, Favorite Girl, and One Less Lonely Girl.
  • Justin Bieber's Awards

    Justin Bieber's Awards
    Justin Bieber has recieved many awards over his lifetime. Some he recieved are:
    Artist of the Year 2010
    Favorite Pop/Rock Album 2010
    Top New Artist 2011
    Fan Favorite 2011
    International Breakthrough Artist 2011
    Best Album 2011
    Favorite Song "Baby" 2011
    Choice Male Hottie 2011
    Newcomer of the Year 2010
    and many more
  • My World 2.0

    My World 2.0
    My World 2.0 is a follow up album to Justin's first album. My World 2.0 was released only 4 months after My World. Some songs from this album are Smile, Somebody to Love, and Baby.
  • Justin's Book Released

    Justin's Book Released
    Justin's book is an autobiography of his life and how he became who he is today.
  • Never Say Never

    Never Say Never
    Justin's movie Never Say Never is a 3D movie about the days before his biggest performance in Madison Square Garden. It shows childhood videos, him back in his hometown, and his performances during his My World Tour.
  • Justin and Selena

    Justin and Selena
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez started dating in March. Their relationship sparks lots of interest in Justin's fans. Some fan girls even sent hate mail to Selena.