Justin Bieber

By morrism
  • Born

    Justin Bieber was born March 1st, 1994. He was born in Stratford, Ontario Canada.
  • started music

    started music
    Justin Bieber started music when he was 14 when his manager scooter found him on youtube. He moved to Alanta to work on jis music.
  • High school

    High school
    in 2008 Justin Bieber started high school. He is still currently in high school and is a senior and is now being home schooled.
  • first single

    first single
    Justin Bieber's first single came out in July and it went platinum in the fall of 2009. Justin Bieber also plays many instruments like the gutair, trumpet, piano and drums
  • second hit

    second hit
    He's second hit one less lonely girl came out on October 6, 2009.
  • My World

    My World
    his first album was My World and was released November 17, 2009
  • My World 2.0

    My World 2.0
    hie second album was My World 2.0 and was released March 19,2011
  • My Worlds Acustic

    My Worlds Acustic
    My Worlds Acustic was released November 26, 2010 it was released to itunes Febuary 8, 2011
  • Never Say Never

    Never Say Never
    Never Say Never was released January 25, 2011
  • Acting

    Justin Bieber has guest stared in CSI and he has his own movie Never Say Never
  • Never Say Never Remixes

    Never Say Never Remixes
    Never Say Never Remixes was released Febuary 14, 2011
  • Awards

    He was awarded two kca (Kids Choice Awads) for best new artist and his song baby