John Rutter

  • Birth

    John Rutter was born
  • Church Music

    The Archbishop Canterbury conferred a Lambeth Doctorate of music upon him in recognition of hic contribution to church music (unknown for month and day)
  • Visiting

    John Rutter visited the U.S at the invitation of choral musician Melvin Olson and conducted the premiere of Gloria in Omaha,Nebraska
    (unknown for month and day)
  • Cambridge Singers

    John Rutter found his own choir named the Cambridge Singers (unknown for month and date)
  • Suffering

    From 1985 - 1992,John Rutter sufferd severely from myalgic encephalomyelitis (unknown for month and day)
  • Gloria

    His first piece was performed in Oct 1985 which was well recived and It had 3 movements. (unknown for day)