John F. Kennedy

  • JFK was born

    JFK was born
    he was born in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • Graduation from Harvard

    Graduation from Harvard
    Graduated with honors -date not exact.
  • Joining the Army

    Joining the Army
    John tried joining the army but was rejected due to a back injury. -day not exact
  • Request for active duty

    Request for active duty
    during Pearl Harbor Kennedy requested active duty at sea and was granted the assignment. -date not exact
  • Given command of patrol torpedo

    Given command of patrol torpedo
    day not exact
  • House of Representatives

    House of Representatives
    JFK became a canidate for house of representatives.
    -date not exact
  • Senate

    Ran for a senate seat and won!
    day not exact
  • Kennedy gets married

    Kennedy gets married
    John F Kennedy marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
  • Announces his canidacy

    Announces his canidacy
    to become president
    -day not exact
  • Kennedy nominated for president

    Kennedy nominated for president
    His opponent was Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Kennedy becomes President

    Kennedy becomes President
    became youngest president and also first roman catholic in american history(to become president)
  • _Problem in presidency

    _Problem in presidency
    Kennedy announced the Soviet Union had sent nuclear missles to Cuba(Cuban Misslle Crisis)
  • JFK Died

    JFK Died
    Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas