Music notes1

Jamming Through The Decades

By misded
  • 1950's

    The 50’s - The 50’s were the start of music as we know it with the start of Rock, Blues, and Country. Rock’s big star was King of Rock Elvis Presley. He was a great musician with a lot of success in his time. Country’s big star was Johnny Cash. With his mellow songs he revolutionized what our definition of Country music. He was also known to wear blue suede shoes. Blues had always been around but it became popular around the 50’s because of the likes of B.B King and Muddy Waters. The 50’s were a
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    Country music is one of the first forms of music.
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    Rock is another one of the first genres
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    The Blues is th father of Rap and RnB
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley is the king of rock
  • 1960's

    The 60’s – The 60’s were the start of the hippie movement and that greatly influenced the music that came out that decade. The two artists mostly associated with this movement were The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. They are still household names today. The Beatles they were advocates for peace love and equality until their fame rose to their heads. They broke up in the 70’s and two members (John Lennon and George Harrison) are dead they are still popular. The Rolling Stones are still touring a
  • Jackson 5

    The Jackson 5 was a group with Michael ,Tito, Jermaine,Marlon, and Jackie.
  • 1970's

    The 70’s – The 70’s marked the beginning of Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal is the form of Rock that Amp up all the Guitar Whiffs and Drum Crashes of Rock. The household names in Heavy Metal are Van Halen, Def Leopard and Black Sabbath. People were also introduced Boy Bands with the start of the Jackson 5. There hit songs were ABC and Ben. A new form of music is created called Disco. Disco did not last long though. By the end of 70's Disco was dead.
  • Van Halen

    Van Halen is one of the fist metal bands
  • 1980's

    The 80’s – The 80’s brought us the birth of Rap. Rap had been underground for a while but in the 80's Rap became mainstream thanks to Def Jam Records founded by Russell Simmons. The first group he signed was his cousins group Run DMC. They became the most popular group at the time. Other huge groups that revolutionized Rap were the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and. Most of the music back then was influenced by drugs and the cities that they lived in like New York or Los Angeles.
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    Rap is the most popular form of music right now
  • Nirvana

    The first Grunge band Nirvana is formed. They were formed by lead man Kurt Cobain.
  • Green Day

    Green Day is a punk rock instituion thats still popular today
  • 2Pac

    2Pac is the first gansta rapper. He was tragically killed
  • 1990's

    The 90’s - Rap enters a stage people call the “Gangsta Rap" period. Rappers started making songs about the gangs there were in like the Bloods and the Crips. Two of the most remembered rappers were Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pak Shakur. They both made revoluloutionary songs like Notorious and California Love. Sadly both of them were tragically killed without their killers being found. They are still pioneers of the rap game today.
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    Alternative is a fusion of Rock and any other genre
  • Notorious B.I.G

    Bigge Smalls was the East coasts gansta rapper. He died a tragic death.
  • 2000-2010

    The 00's- In the 2000's we got the start of RnB with Beyonce and Alicia Keys. They both have several hits like Crazy Love and Falin. They are still popular today. They both sing about their roots and where there from. Beyonce Started with the group Destinies Child and branched out into solo. In the 200's pop and rock fused when the Black Eyed Peas came out Let’s Get It Started. Pop also took a big step with divas like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Country hit it big with Taylor Swift who is no
  • 2011

    The 11's- The present has brought us into an age of singles or popular songs from albums. There are some good up and coming artists though like Pit Bull and Wiz khalifa.Also artists such as Katy Perry and Adele are having breakout years like Katy Perry's 5 Hot 100 singles and Adele's monster album "21" took the country by storm. Several themes have influenced the music this year like bullying. Several songs have been written about important themes like this most popular being "Pumped Up Kicks."