Music wallpaper

Jamming Through the Decades

  • 1950s Elvis Presley

    1950s Elvis Presley
    The 1950s was a beginning of modern music with Jazz, pop, blue, and ‘rock ‘n’ roll’. Something that might have influenced 1950s music was tough times and economic reasons. One of the best singers in the 1950s was Elvis Presley. He had many hits like Love Me Tender, Jail House Rock, Don’t be Cruel, and many more. He was one of the most dominant singers in the 1950s. His album, Elvis Presely, was ranked number one in the best albums of 1956.
  • 1950s Bill Haley

    1950s Bill Haley
    Another popular artist of the 1950s was Bill Haley. Some of his hits were Rock Around the Clock, Razzle-Dazzle, and many more."Around the World" was one of Bill Haley's albums that came out in 1958.
  • 1960s The Beatles

    1960s The Beatles
    The 1960s consisted of rock, pop, and r&b music. The Beatles were the dominant band in this era. Some of their popular songs were, "She Loves You," "a Day in the Life" and "Hey Jude." The Beatles were a music sensation of the 1950s. Their album, "Please, Please Me" was one of their albums that came out on March 22, 1963.
  • 1960s The Rolling Stones

    1960s The Rolling Stones
    Another music band was The Rolling Stones. They had many hits like"Aftermath," "Let It Bleed," "Some Girls," and many other hits. One of their albums came out on April 1, 1965 featuring the songs, " Hearts of Stones," "Off the Hook," and "Pain in my Heart."
  • 1970s The Jackson Five

    1970s The Jackson Five
    The 1970s created a trend of relaxing music as well as dance music. There was also a disco craze in the 1970s. Van McCoy’s “The Hustle” and “I Will Survive” from the Bee Gees were two of the many hits in disco music. One band who was very popular was the Jackson 5. Some of their hits were “ABC” and “ I’ll Be There.” The Jackson Five's album called "ABC" came out May 8, 1970.
  • 1970s Marvin Gaye

    1970s Marvin Gaye
    Marvin Gaye was another great singer. Some of his greatest hits in the 70s were " I Heard it through the grape Vine" , "What's Going On?", "Lets Get It On" , "Mercy, Mercy, Me", and "It Takes Two." Motown was a big hit in the 70s. Motown consisted of many musicians as Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and many other bands and singers. Marvin Gaye's album, "Whats Going On" came out on May 20, 1971.
  • 1980s Bon Jovi

    1980s Bon Jovi
    The 1980s consisted of more pop and hip hop music and heavy metal became a popular music genre. Bon Jovi was a big hit in the 80s. He sung rock songs like, "You Give Love a bad Name," "Wanted Dead or Alive, " and " Livin' on a Prayer." One of Bon Jovi's albums came out on January 21, 1984.
  • 1980s LL Cool J

    1980s LL Cool J
    LL Cool J was a popular rap and pop singer. LL Cool J, which stands for" ladies love cool James" sang songs like, " I can't Live without my Radio" and "Going Back to Cali." One of his albums came out on November 18, 1985.
  • 1990s Dr. Dre

    1990s Dr. Dre
    The 1990s began a massive musical change. Hip hop and dance music became an extremely popular music genre. Dr. Dre's chronic album is said to be one of the greatest pop albums of all time. Dr. Dre's album was one of the key landmarks in starting the rap era. His chronic album came out on December 15, 1992.
  • 1990s Madonna

    1990s Madonna
    Madonna also became very popular in the 90s. Madonna consisted of somewhat like a downbeat, midtempo singer. Some of her songs were, " Holiday," "Secret," " I Love New York," and "Hollywood." One of her albums called, "One More Chance" came out on March 28, 1996.
  • 2000s Eminem

    2000s Eminem
    The year of 2000 had many different singers and rappers like Eminem, Jay Z , Sugar Ray, Christina Aguilera, Nelly, and many more music artists. Eminem came out in 2000 with a song called "The Real Slim Shady." From 2000 until now Eminem has become one of the greatest rappers in history. He has come a long way since he started out in 2000. One of his first albums came out on May 23, 2000
  • 2000s Nelly

    2000s Nelly
    "Country Grammar" by Nelly was also a great hit in the mid 2000s. His album called ,"Country Grammar" came out June 6, 2000.
  • 2000s Jay Z

    2000s Jay Z
    Jay Z started to become popular in the mid 2000s. "Izzo." and "Big Pimpin" were two of Jay Z's songs that became very popular.Jay Z's album called, " Unplugged" came out on December 18, 2001.
  • 2000s Sugar Ray

    2000s Sugar Ray
    2005 was when one of Sugar Ray's greatest albums came out. Some of his songs were " Every Morning," " Falls Apart," " Time After Time," "Answer the Phone," and " Someday." His album called, "Best of Sugar Ray" came out June 7, 2005.
  • 2000s Christina Aguilera

    2000s Christina Aguilera
    Christina Aguilera also had many hits like, " I Turn to You," "Come on Over Baby," and "What a Girl Wants." One of her albums came out on August 15, 2006.
  • 2010 Justin Bieber

    2010 Justin Bieber
    From the 1950s to 2010, there was a complete change in the music genres. These new artists sung about many different things and there was a lot of rap, hip hop, and pop instead of heavy metal and rock. One singer, Justin Bieber became a music sensation. He was the youngest performer in the American Music Awards to ever win Artist of the Year at the music awards. He also won four awards that night. Some of Justin's hits are "Baby" and "One Time." His album, "My world 2.0" came out March 23, 2010
  • 2010 Lady Gaga

    2010 Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga had a special way of performing and singing songs. She was one of a kind and dressed very differently than others. She is a phenomenal singer. Lady Gaga won top female artist of the year in 2010. "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" were two great hits. One of her albums came out on May 23, 2010.
  • 2010 Drake

    2010 Drake
    Drake is also another great music artist. His album, Thank Me Later was a huge music hit. Some of his songs, " Miss Me," " Find Your Love," and "Over" were three of his greatest hits on that album. His album came out June 9, 2010.
  • 2010 Eminem

    2010 Eminem
    Just as in 2000, Eminem was also very popular in 2010. He rapped "Not Afraid" and he also was in a song with another great R&B singer Rihanna and the song was called "Love the Way you Lie." His Recovery album came out on Jume 22, 2010.