Jamestown timeline

  • The Fire

    The Fire
    A fire started in Jamestown Fort causing lots of destruction. Quite a few people died from burns.
  • The Landing of Ships

    The Landing of Ships
    Three small ships landed at Chesapeake Bay. They came in at the mouth of the bay. There was very bad weather.
  • Colonists Dying

    Colonists Dying
    Half of the colonists died from a diesase and starvation. There was a diseases coming from mosquitoes. They were also dying because they were drinking bad water from the river.
  • A Colony Rebuilt

    A Colony Rebuilt
    De la warr rebuilt the colony. They exspanded the laws. These laws became known as laws divine. He rebuilt the triangle palisiade. This had a market place, chapel, and a store house.
  • Shortage of Supplies

    Shortage of Supplies
    Due to lack of supplies Gates decided to abandon the settlement of james town. He returned to england. While sailing down the james river he heard new settlers were coming with supplies from England.
  • Tobacco

    Jhon Rolfe sent his first shipment of tobacco to England. They made alot of money this way. They traded it for other supplies. The king thought tobacco was unhealthy and he was right. They made the slave harvest it.
  • Governer of Virginia

    Governer of Virginia
    George Yeardily arrived to take his post as newly appointed governer of Virgina. He implmented new instructions. He also tried to reorganize the Virginias company activities. These instructions were called the great charter.
  • Virginia's Colony Assembly

    Virginia's Colony Assembly
    The general assembly of the colony of Virginia. First represenative asembly. They met at a church in Jamestown.
  • The Africans

    The Africans
    The first africans arrived in virginia. They recorded it. A privertiring ship arived in cape comfort. They were sold as inventured servants.
  • Period: to

    Intermintent Warefare

    A period of intermintent warfare between English and Indians.
  • King James

    King James
    King James the first died and was secceded by his son charles the first.
  • Goverment Adopted

    Goverment Adopted
    A plan of goverment was adopted in Conneticut. The charter was granted in 1662.