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TimeLine Project

  • Jamestown

    This is the first permanent settlement in the Americas. The London company established it in Southeast Virginia
  • House of Burgesses

    This was the first representative assembly in America, met for the first time in Virginia. Also, this was when the first slave was brought to the United States
  • Plymouth

    This was the time in which the Plymouth Colony set anchor in Massachusettes and establishes the Pilgrims of England. Even before they left the ship they created the Mayflower Compact and they signed it. That compact explained the colony's government.
  • Petition of Right

    This was a rule that went against the tax, as well as arbitrary arrests or imprisonment. The rule also stated that soldiers would not be quartered in private homes.
  • Colonies Population

    The colonies population keep rising and it was estimated at 50,400 by 1650
  • Seize New Amsterdam

    Seize New Amsterdam
    This was when the English won the war against the Dutch and called the new land in New York.
  • Calendar Switch

    Calendar Switch
    This is the time the colonies switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.
  • French Indian war

    French Indian war
    This was when the British and the French fought against each other for the eastern north of America. The British needed this win and they got it on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec.
  • French Indian war

    Also, this was when the treaty of Paris was signed which gave the U.S control of Canada and any land that the French owed east of the Mississipi
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    This was when the British troops fired their rifles towards a mob of people which resulted in the killing five men. Which led to intense public protest.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    This was when the patriots disguised as Mohawk Indians board three ships in Boston harbor and dumped more than 300 crates of tea overboard so they can protest against the British tea tax.
  • First Continental Congress

    They meet in Philadelphia, with 56 delegates who represented every colony except Georgia.
  • American Revolution

    War of Independence fought between Great Britain and the 13 Colonies on the eastern seaboard of North America. Battles of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts between the British Army.
  • Continental Congress

    Adopts the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia
  • Flag of America

    Flag of America
    The official flag of the United States is approved.
  • Articles of Confederation

    The Continental Congress adopts the Articles of Confederation as the first U.S Constitution.
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders to General George Washington at Yorktown Va
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    The British formally acknowledge the American Independence in the Treaty which brings the war to a close
  • Shays's Rebellion

    Shays's Rebellion
    Farmers from New Hamshire and South Carolina come together to protest high state taxes and stiff penalties for failure to pay.
  • Supreme Court

    They meet for the first time in the Merchants Exchange building in New York City.
  • Ten Amendements

    This was when the first ten amendments to the constitution were known as the bill of rights and are ratified.
  • Eli Whitney's Invention

    Eli Whitney's Invention
    This was when Eli invented the cotton gin which increased the demand for slave labor
  • John Adams

    He is inaugurated as the second president in Philadelphia
  • Judiciary

    It appoints 16 new judges and other positions and filling everything with the Federalists before he left office.
  • John Marshall

    Appointed the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court
  • Treat of Cession and the purchase of Louisiana

  • 12 Amendment and the Battle of Sitka

  • Women can vote!

  • Election

    Between James Madison and Charles Pickney. Jefferson had decided not to run again
  • Thomas Jefferson

    He was the third U.S President was in power from 1801-1809
  • Ft McHenry

    25 hours of British bombardment Francis Scott Key
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Britain Agrees and the border of Canada
  • U.S and British Relations

    Rush Bagot Pact
  • Panic

    First major depression, poor banking policies
  • War of Texas

    War of Texas
    Texas vs. Mexico
  • Pioneer in employing Women

    Pioneer in employing Women
    About 4000 women worked in 1840
  • Mexican war ended

    Mexican war ended
    The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican War. The U.S acquire California, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and part of Colorado
  • Germans

    More than 2000 Germans come to the U.S.
  • Kansas Admission

    The Confederate States of America established under President Jefferson Davis
    American Civil War begins at Forth Sumter.
  • Great Chicago Fire

    Great Chicago Fire
    This was the treaty with Great Britain regarding the Dominion of Canada