By balboa2
  • Charter granted

    Sir George Calvert receives a charter from King Charles the First.
  • Period: to

    Colonial Maryland

  • Ships set sail from England.

    The ships Ark and Dove set sail from England towards the Calvert’s land grant.
  • Ships from England arrive at the Calvert's land grant.

    The ships Ark and Dove arrive in the Calvert’s land grant and found St. Mary’s City.
  • The First Attempted Rebellion

    A rebellion is caused by William Clayborne, but he is arrested with his followers.
  • Slavery allowed

    Slavery is allowed in Maryland by law.
  • The Second Attempted Rebellion

    Clayborne returns and overthrows the government ,but the revolt is suppressed.
  • Royal Colony

    Maryland becomes a royal colony.
  • Capital changes

    Maryland's capital changes to Annapolis.
  • New city is founded

    Baltimore, Maryland is founded.