Italy unification

  • Mazzini

    nationaliast leader founded young italy.
  • republic in rome

    Mazzini helped set up a revolutionary republic in rome but ftrench forces soon toppled it.
  • Count Camillo Cavour

    Victor Emmanuel made count camillo covour his prime minister.
  • Sardinia, Britian, and France

    Sardinia joined forces with Britian and Frace in the Crimean war against russian. Led by Cavour
  • Secret Napoleon

    Cavour nagotiated a secret deal with napoleon, who promised to aid sardinia in case it faced a war with austria.
  • Provoked war

    Cavour proved a war with Austria and Sardinia. Sardinia defeted Austria
  • Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi recruited a troop of 1000 "red shirt" volunteers.
  • Victor Emmanuel II

    Emmanuel was crowned King of Italy.
  • Cavour dies

    Cavour died but his sucessors fulfilled his dream.