Itl uni

Italian Unification

  • Period: to

    Italian Unifcation

    Beginning with the end of the Napoleonic era and ending with the capture of Rome.
  • July Revolution

    July Revolution
    Louis-Philippe promised that if Austrian troops attempted to interfere, he would help Ciro Menotti's planned uprising, He withdrew his support however.
  • Mazzini's Failure

    Mazzini's Failure
    Mazzini failed to unify Italy under a democratic republic. However, he later became a romantic figure in the eyes of Garibaldi.
  • Pope Pius IX fleas

    Pope Pius IX fleas
    Pope Pius IX, initially a reformer, eventually fled Italy after the assassination of Minister Pellegrino Rossi.
  • Cavour

    Count Camillo Benso di Cavour becomes the dominate figure in the Sardinia government (until his death in 1861).
  • Franco-Sardinian forces

    Franco-Sardinian forces
    Cavour began war with Austria (to get Italian territories) as Napoleon III came to his aid. However, due to French Catholic unhappiness, Napoleon III did an about face and Cavour could only gain Lombardy.
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi
    He first gathered an independant army together, called the Red Shirts, in 1859.
  • Garibaldi Attack on Silicy

    Garibaldi Attack on Silicy
    Graibaldi led his Red Shirts in a victory against the Silician army. He emerged as an independant political force and had inspired the hearts of Sicilian peasants.
  • Capture of Rome

    Garibaldi attempted to attack the papal states, but was stopped by Cavour in order to avoid conflict with France.
  • Syllabus of Errors

    Syllabus of Errors
    Pope Pius IX, now back in Rome, defines in the "Slyllabus of Errors his denouncement of nationalism, socialism, separation or church and state, and religious liberty. A step back for Italian unification :(.
  • Unification

    At last, Rome (Venice in 1866) joined a unified Italy with a parliamentary monarchy under Victor Emmanuel. Sadly, profound divisions between the Italian peoples still remained.