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  • 1053

    San juan de gaztelugatxe

    San juan de gaztelugatxe
    It is an island and it is a ermita of San juan too.
  • 1300

    Bilboko itsasadarra

    Bilboko itsasadarra
    Nerbioi eta Ibaizabal ibaien ahoa da.
  • Bizkaiko zubia

    Bizkaiko zubia
    Ferri zubi bat da, eta 1887. eta 1893. urtean eraiki zen.
  • The corte ingles

    The corte ingles
    It is a shopping center, it sells many different things and it was oppended in 1890
  • Athletic's foundation

    It was foundation to do activities and games to do a better society.
  • Donosti aquarium

    Donosti aquarium
    In the aquarium are fishes to see
  • Museo Bellas Artes

    Museo Bellas Artes
    Herrialdeko lehen museotako bat da,
  • Mendi gorbea

    Mendi gorbea
    Artxanda funikularra Bilboko hiriburua Artxanda mendiarekin lotzen duen garraioa da, eta 1915. urtean ireki zen.
  • Alaves football stadium

    Alaves football stadium
    It is the stadium of the Alaves, Mendizorroza
  • Euskadi gobernament

    This gobernent is very different if we compare with the Spanish gobernent. This gobernent is to serve to the vasque people.
  • The iberdrola

    The iberdrola
    Is 165 meters and is a electric central.
  • Eibar footbal stadium

    Eibar footbal stadium
    It is the football stadium of Eibar
  • Osasuna football stadium

    Osasuna football stadium
    The stadium of the osasuna, EL sadar
  • The rupture of "Franquismo"

    One of the most important questions that arose at that time was saber if a modern and developed society, such as the Basque-Navarre society of the 60s, could be accommodated within an authoritarian dictatorship and personal power such was Franco
  • The puppy

    The puppy
    It was create by Jeff koons in 1992 and it is full of flowers
  • Real Sociedad football stadium

    Real Sociedad football stadium
    It is the football stadium of Real Sociedad
  • Max Center

    Max Center
    Max Center is a shopping center in Baracaldo
  • Guggenheim museum

    Guggenheim museum
    It is a very famous museum in Bilbao, they are a lot of this museums around the world, for example in Sidney.
  • Megapark

    Megapark Barakaldo is currently the largest commercial park in northern Spain. Opened in 2004 has become a shopping destination
  • Cortézubi

    Is in the Basque Country. and was found in June 2008.
  • Santimamiñe

    The cave of Santimamiñe is a cave located in the town of Biscay
  • THe new San Mames

    THe new San Mames
    It is the new football stadium of the athletic club.
  • Athletic first black football player

    Athletic first  black football player
    THis is the first black men of Athletic Club and called Williams and in 2015 was his first match
  • Period:


    The people that was living in Vascon, that now is Navarra
  • Period:

    Islamic invasion

    :The islamic invasion was when the islamic people enter in Spain and also in the Vasque Country.
  • Period:


    The period of the history of the Iberian Peninsula of approximately 780 years between the Umayyad conquest of Hispania is called Reconquest.
  • Period:

    Battle of Roncesvalles

    The Battle of Roncesvalles was one of the most famous battles of the Charlemagne era.
  • Period:

    Sociality evolution

    Social evolution is the term that defines the changes that occur in a society throughout history, becoming increasingly complex.
  • Period:

    The kingdom of pamplona:

    The kingdom of pamplona The kingdom of Pamplona was a political entity created in the western Pyrenees around the city of Pamplona in the first centuries of the Reconquest.
  • Period: to

    THe independence war

    The independence it was developed in May 2, 1808 and April 12, 1814. Within the context of the Napoleonic wars, which put the Allied powers of Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal against the First French Empire.
  • Period: to

    The Carlist war

    The Carlist Wars were a series of civil wars that took place in Spain during the 19th century.
  • Period: to

    Franco born and death

    Franco borned the 4 of december in 1892 and he dead the 20 of november 1975. He was a spanish dictador and a militar and he started and won the civil war.
  • Period: to

    The statutory process

    The triumph of a coalition of rights between the PNV, traditionalists and independent Catholics in the elections to constituent courts did not contribute to improving relations with Republican governments
  • Period: to

    Civil war

    The Basque and Navarrese territories were divided in two; Alava and Navarre remain attached to the insurgents and Gipúzcoa and Biscay faithful to republican legality, and finally Franco won the war
  • Period: to

    Cultural transformation

    The cultural change that was taking place was equally significant; an unstoppable movement that had begun with construction between 1950 and 1955
  • Period: to

    The years of development

    The essential factor of the take-off and economic modernization of Euskadi was the liberalization of the economy
  • Period: to

    The labor movement

    The labor movement is a social and political phenomenon that has its origins in England in the 18th century.
  • Period: to

    Labor Conflict

    Labor Conflict based generally on wage increases as happened in the 1960s in the 1962 strike or on the Strike of Bands
  • Period: to

    The" Tardofranquismo"

    The XXV years of peace were celebrated in 1964 in tardofranquismo
  • Period: to


    Euskadi Eta Askatasuna was a Basque nationalist terrorist organization that proclaimed itself independence, abertzale, socialist and revolutionary.