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  • Where it all began

    Where it all began
    The first pod was invented by steve jobs in 2001 it was the start of the ipod phenomenon
  • the first shuffle

    the first shuffle
    this is the first shullfe that ipod introdused to the world and started the worldwide love of the shuffle
  • Ipod first gen

    Ipod first gen
    What differnet ipods were with first gen there was a nano a smaller version and the shuffel
  • The shuffle touch

    The shuffle touch
    The ipod shuffle was introdused in 2009
  • the i home

    the i home
    the i home was made so the listener could listen to there ipod with out using headphones
  • The evolving ipod

    The evolving ipod
    In 2008 the ipod 2nd generation was made this had more data than the olderipod and allowed to play video and music
  • the ipod touch

    the ipod was invented in 2008 it gives the user a bigger screen and the touch screen capabuility along with application games
  • 4th generation ipod

    4th generation ipod
    the ipod touch 4th generation has an ipod and more capabilities than the 3rd generation