iPod Timeline

By kkwong
  • First Generation iPod classic

    First Generation iPod classic
    Apple's first iPod classic comes out.About 1,000 downloaded songs on it.
  • Second Generation iPod classic

    Second Generation iPod classic
    Same design as the first but can hold up to 4,000 downloadable songs.
  • Third Generation iPod classic

    Third Generation iPod classic
    The design of the iPod is much thinner and lighter and holds up to 7,500 songs
  • iPod Mini comes out

    iPod Mini comes out
  • iPod U2 Edition

    iPod U2 Edition
    This iPod was black with a red scroll and autographs of the U2 band members engraced on the back. This was limited edtion with 20-40 GB.
  • Fourth Generation iPod

    Fourth Generation iPod
    The new iPod comes with color screen and picture viewing.Has 30-60 GB.
  • First Generation iPod Shuffle

    First Generation iPod Shuffle
    This iPod is thinner and has no screen.Has 0.5-1 GB.
  • Second Generation iPod Mini

    Second Generation iPod Mini
    Along the top comes with hold switch, headphone jack, and a remote connection for accessories.Has 4-6 GB.
  • iPod Photo

    iPod Photo
    Comes with color screen and 20-60 GB on it.
  • First Generartion iPod Nano

    First Generartion iPod Nano
    It only comes in one color, black and has 1-4 GB on it.
  • Fifth iPod Classic

    Fifth iPod Classic
    This comes with alternative colors and smaller click wheel.Very first to be a video iPod with 3-80 GB.
  • Second Generation iPod Shuffle

    Second Generation iPod Shuffle
    Half th size of the first generation model with multiple colors to choose from and comes with 1-2 GB.
  • Second Generation iPod Nano

    Second Generation iPod Nano
    This iPod comes in silver, green, pink, blue, and black.Button lables are grey with a 40% brighter screen and comes with 2-8 GB.
  • Third Generation iPod Nano

    Third Generation iPod Nano
    This is a shorter, wider, and heavier design with new colors.Has 8-32 GB.
  • Sixth Generation iPod Classic

    Sixth Generation iPod Classic
    This is slightly thinner and improved battery life.Has 80-160 GB.
  • First Generation iPod Touch

    First Generation iPod Touch
    After Apple came out with the iPhone Apple came out with the iPod Touch that similar to the iPhone but doesn't have a call app on it.Has 8-32 GB.
  • 6.5 Generation iPod Classic

    6.5 Generation iPod Classic
    Has a new metal shell with 160 GB on it.
  • Fourth Generation iPod Nano

    Fourth Generation iPod Nano
    This is the thinnest iPod Apple came out with and it has round edges.Had nine new colors and has 8 or 16 GB.
  • Second Generation iPod Touch

    Second Generation iPod Touch
    Apple made the iPod Touch a thinner design including a volume button and built in speaker. Has 8 gig, 32 or 44 gig.
  • Third Generation iPod Shuffle

    Third Generation iPod Shuffle
    This iPod does not have any button nor screen. Has 4 GB.
  • iPod Nano Fifth Generation

    iPod Nano Fifth Generation
    Has slightly bigger screen and buily in camera for taking pictures and recording videos. Comes in 9 colors eight or 16 GB.
  • iPod Touch Third Generation

    iPod Touch Third Generation
    Has a faster processor and has 32 GB or 64 GB.
  • iPod Shuffle Fourth Generation

    iPod Shuffle Fourth Generation
    Upadated voice control a clip and new colors.Has a 2 GB or 4 GB.
  • iPod Nano Sixth Generation

    iPod Nano Sixth Generation
    Includes multi touch screen and 8GB of 16 GB.
  • iPod Touch Fourth Generation

    iPod Touch Fourth Generation
    New thinner design including two cameras for facetime and recording videos.Has 8 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.