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By JoelCN
  • iPod 2001

    iPod 2001
    Offers 1,000 songs in your pocket
  • Windows-Capatible iPod, 2002

    Windows-Capatible iPod, 2002
    Apple introduces the second generation iPod that could hold up to 4,000 songs.
  • iPod 2003

    iPod 2003
    Thid-generation iPod is out and it is thinner and lighter, and it holds up to 7,500 songs
  • iPod mini 2004

    iPod mini 2004
    Apple introduces ipod mini, avialable in five different colors.
  • iPod Shuffle 2005

    iPod Shuffle 2005
    iPod shuffle introduced
  • iPod Nano 2006

    iPod Nano 2006
    Capacity- 30GB Or 80GB available in different colors.
  • iPod 2006

    iPod 2006
    Avilable in black and white and it was availble in two sizes.
  • iPod Classic 2007

    iPod Classic 2007
    iPod classic features 80GB or 160GB of storage. It has a 2.5 inch display and wieghs 4.9 oz
  • iPod touch 2008

    iPod touch 2008
    I pod that was a WI-FI device. It has a better screen and audio quality.
  • Ipod nano 2009

    Ipod nano 2009
    tall and slim form factor by adding video recording,and a slightly larger and improved 2.2" display, all packed into the same thin aluminum tube.
  • iPod Touch 2010

    iPod Touch 2010
    Available in Black or White. Camera included. 720p video recording; FaceTime calling capability