• Thomas newcomen

    Thomas newcomen
    he invented the newcomen atmoshphere engine
  • Richard Arkwright

    Richard Arkwright
    He invented the spinning frame.
  • james wyatt

    james wyatt
    he invented the stem engine
  • Henry Cort

    Henry Cort
    Known for invitations relating to puddling and rolling in the manufacture of iron. He invented the puddling process.
  • Adam smith

    Adam smith
    he is known for inventing the concept of gross domestic product.
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney
    He invited the cotton gin. This machine greatly speed up the production of cotton. This cleaned the seeds out of the cotton.
  • Robert fulton

    Robert fulton
    he invented the steam boat.
  • David Ricardo

    David Ricardo
    he was best know for his theory of econimic theory
  • Robert owen

    Robert owen
    He was best know for his model textile and village at new lanark in scotland.
  • Elias Howe

    Elias Howe
    He invented the sewing machine.
  • Cyrus field

    Cyrus field
    he intented the telegrapg cable
  • john wesley

    john wesley
    He invented the celluloid.