Inventions and Technology in Sport

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    Invention and Technology in Sports

  • Invention of the Lawn Mower

    Invention of the Lawn Mower
    Edwin Budding created the Lawn mower in 1827, but offically recieved a patent Aug. 30 1830. Before the lawn mower, all sports fields had to be grazed by sheep or cut with scythes.
  • Cleats

    Paul Butler invented the baseball cleats to give the players more traction while playing the game. Later on a rounded metal cleat was created to prevent so many injuries.
  • Volcanised Rubber

    Volcanised Rubber
    Charles Goodyear invented volcanised rubber in 1843 but didn't receive his U.S. patend until Jun. 15 1844. Once rubber balls could be pumped up hard enough to bounce properly off of grass, lawn tennis and modern football soon followed.
  • Modern Baseball field

    Modern Baseball field
    Alexander Cartwright invented what we know as the modern baseball field.
  • American Football

    American Football
    Walter Camp is credited for the invention of american football, he got his idea for this game from English style rugby and soccer.
  • Men's Cup

    Men's Cup
    C. F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting goods company, Sharp & Smith invented the cup for men to protect their genitals. This especially became popular among baseball player.
  • Football pads

    Football pads
    Abraham Schemel is the one who is credited for the invention of shoulder pads for American football players. This is the date that he received his U.S. patent.
  • Adidas

    Adi and Rudi are german shoe inventers and in 1947 they split up. Adi created the huge soccer company we know today as ADIDAS.
  • Batting Gloves

    Batting Gloves
    Ken "Hawk" Harrelson was the gateway to the marketing of batting gloves in the game of baseball. He wore his golf glove during his at bats, to protect his blistered hands he got from playing golf earlier that day.
  • Production of aluminum baseball bats

    Production of aluminum baseball bats
    Worth Sports of St. Louis Missouri was the first baseball manufacturing company to produce aluminum bats.Them quickly became popular because they proved to be more durable than wood bats.
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