• Alessandro Volta

    He made the Battery it made things run without direct use of lectricty
  • Robert Fulton

    He invented the steam boat and it made moving goods across the river easier
  • Samuel Morse

    He invented morse code and it was a way to communicate with other people not knowing what you are saying
  • Louis Daguerre

    He made the camera you did not have to paint or draw a picture and it would last alot longer
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    He created the telephone you could talk to people that where not right by you and it was faster then sending mail to them
  • Gottlieb Daimler

    invented the gas engine it revolutionised the car desgin
  • Rudolf Disel

    he made the diesel engine and they where able to hall more and a little more gas efficent
  • Wright brothers

    They invented the airplane and it made traveling go by much faster
  • Henry Ford

    He invented the assembly line and it made manufacturing faster
  • Thomas Edison

    He created the light bulb it was safer then candles and you could see when it was dark and they last a very long time