Invention Timeline- Kierra Sowers

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  • Bifocals

    Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in 1784.Benjamin Franklin moved to Philadelphea at age 17 and he was a hero of Colonail America.
  • Cotten gin

    Cotten gin
    Eli Whitney invented the cotten gin in 1793.Eli Whitney spent a decade fighting patient infringements and he retired around 1820.
  • Mechanical Reaper

    Mechanical Reaper
    Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper in 1831.Cyrus was born on Febuary 15, 1809 and died May 13, 1884 at age 75. It is used to harvest.It helps us by harvesting faster so we can get food.
  • Morse code

    Morse code
    Samuel Morse invented the morse code in 1835.Samuel was born on April 27, 1791 and his nationality is American. It is used to send text messages.It helps us
  • Continuous sewing machine

    Continuous sewing machine
    Elias Howe invented the continuous sewing machine in 1846.Elias Howe had 3 kids and was born in Massachusetts. The continuous sewing machine is a machine that keeps going.It is used to sow faster to get it done faster. It has helped us have more clothes,towels,etc. because you can do it faster.
  • typewriter

    Christopher Latharn Sholes invented the typewriter in 1868.Chistopher was born in 1819 and was known for "The Father of the Typewriter". The typewriter is something to help us write letters,notes,storys, and etc. it helps us do things faster instead of writing by hand.
  • telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1875.Alexander has 4 kids and he was best known as "Inventor of the telephone." The telephone is a item so you can communicate with others.It helps us to keep in touch and not have to go there in the winter and/or waste gas.
  • air conditioning

    air conditioning
    Willis Haviland invented the air conditioning. Willis died in October,1950. He was born on November,1876. Air conditioning keeps you warm or cool when needed.It helps us because in the winter you need to keep warm and in the summer you need to keep cool.It has helped us over the years by being warm or cool when needed.
  • Windshield wipers

    Windshield wipers
    Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers in 1903.Mary Anderson was born in 1866 and her goal was to improve driver vision during stormy weather. Windshield wipers are on your car and they help see better during rain or snow.They help us have less recks and stay focused on the road.
  • Zipper

    Gideon Sunback invented the zipper. Gideon Sundback was born on April 24, 1880 and his nationality was Swedish-American. The zipper is a item to zip up clothing,bags,and etc. to keep things from falling out.It keeps us warm during winter instead of freezing.
  • Microwave oven

    Microwave oven
    Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven in 1945.Percy Spencer was born in Maine and died at ae 76. Microwave oven is a item to help us cook.It helps us save money so we wont have to buy a microwave and an oven.We can just use this for both.
  • Computer mouse

    Computer mouse
    Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse.Douglas Engelbart was born on January 30, 1925 at age 86 and he is best known for his work on the challenges of human computer interaction. *The computer mouse is what you use to click on items that are on your screen.It helps us do things more easier and faster on our computer.