Invention Time Line Braden Fifer

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    Invention Timeline

  • bifocols

    Ben franklin lived in europe and america. His last testmen before he died said i Ben Franklinof Phielidolphia a printer
  • morse code

    morse code
    Sameal morse invented the morse code.
    Born in charleston
    Invented a wirless tellagraph also
  • Type Writer

    Type Writer
    Christopher Sholes invented the type writer 1714 The first patient for a writting machine was given to henryMill Englend. 1829 william burt of the us patient his type writer machine
  • wind shield wipers

    wind shield wipers
    Mary anderson inventd windshield wipers
    A standered equementon all american cars by 1916.mary anderson is 29f she was still alive today
  • meacanical reaper

    meacanical reaper
    Cyris mcormick invented the maecanical reaper
    Born feb 15 1809
    He was born in a barn