Into the Wild Timeline

  • Chris McCandless is Born

    Chris McCandless is Born
    The day that Chris is born is the day that this story starts. He was born in El Segundo, California to Walt and Billie McCandless he also has a younger sister named Carine.
  • Chris Abandons his Datsun

    Chris Abandons his Datsun
    In the middle of the Mojave Dessert, there was a flood at the stream where Chris was camping. He had to abandon his belongings including his beloved car and get to safe ground. Once the river went down Chris went back to get his car but while trying to restart it he drained the battery. He left it there and covered it with a tarp and took the plates.
  • Chris meets Jan Burres and her Boyfriend

    Chris meets Jan Burres and her Boyfriend
    Chris was on his way to Orick Beach in California and Jan Burres picked Chris up and let him stay with them for the next few weeks. They then dropped him off at Orick Beach and this was the start of their friendship.
  • Chris meets Wayne Westerburg

    Chris meets Wayne Westerburg
    In South Dakota, Chris meets Wayne but was going by the name of Alex McCandless. He ended up staying with Wayne for 3 days but returned a few weeks later for a job and a place to stay. But Wayne was soon arrested and Alex left South Dakota.
  • Alex Gets Stuck in Mexico

    Alex Gets Stuck in Mexico
    After sneaking into Mexico and rafting down the Colorado River Alex gets stuck in Mexico when he reaches the Morelos Dam. He soon found some duck hunters that didn't speak any English and they dropped him off in the El Golfo de Santa Clara.
  • Chris gets a Job at McDonald's

    Chris gets a Job at McDonald's
    In Bullhead City, Arizona Chris gets a job at Mcdonald's and he used his real social security number to open a bank account. This is important since this is the first time since he left home that he used his actual name and something to identify him. He ended up staying in Bullhead City with a man named Charlie for around 2 months which is the longest place that Chris ever stayed on his journey.
  • Chris Leaves Bullhead City to Visit Jan Burres

    Chris Leaves Bullhead City to Visit Jan Burres
    After writing to Jan several times Chris went to go see her and her boyfriend at the Slabs in Niland. He stayed there for quite some time and this is when he got the idea to go up to Alaska after reading many books at Jan's station at the Slabs. Many people liked him here including a teen girl who had a big crush on him but Chris was never interested.
  • Chris Meets Franz After Leaving Jan

    Chris Meets Franz After Leaving Jan
    Chris was hitchhiking near the Salton Sea when he meets Rob Franz. He gave Chris a ride and then they later met in February when he gave Chris a ride. During his travels, he always wrote to Franz, and then in March Chris asked Franz to pick him up from Coachella. Franz then taught Chris how to design a leather belt that Chris cherished for the rest of his short life.
  • Chris Meets Jim Gallien

    Chris Meets Jim Gallien
    After getting a ride up to Alaska from Wayne's Chris hitches a ride from Jim who takes him to the Stampede Trail. Beforehand Chris had sent postcards to Jan, Wayne, and Franz saying that he made it to Alaska and he was going on his adventure. Before Chris left Jim he gave Jim the rest of his money and his watch for the food and the boots that Jim had given him.
  • Chris Finds the Bus

    Chris Finds the Bus
    After walking through the wilderness for several days he finds the bus and decides to stay there for shelter. He is able to live there and collect food and other items while he was there. He thrived here for several months and did well until he didn't.
  • Chris Kills a Moose

    Chris Kills a Moose
    While in the wilderness Chris was able to shoot many animals. At one point Chris thought that he had shot a moose. He was very proud of what he had accomplished and he was even able to store some of the meat but most of it went bad. Later when Krakauer (the author) went out to see the bus and the remains some local hunters said that what he shot was a caribou and not a moose showing how unprepared Chris was.
  • Chris Starts His Journey Out of the Wilderness

    Chris Starts His Journey Out of the Wilderness
    Chris finally realized that he wanted something more then being alone and not having any close relationships. This is where Chris hikes the 10 miles to the river that he has to cross before he can leave. The river was flooded and he couldn't cross it so he left and went back to the bus. This is where everything went down hill for Chris.
  • Chris's Death

    Chris's Death
    After eating moldy potato seeds Chris was unable to get any nutrients into his body. He was weakened to a state where he was unable to do almost anything and even if he wasn't he wouldn't have been able to digest anything. Chris slowly died of starvation alone and in the bus.
  • Chris's Body is Found

    Chris's Body is Found
    19 day later six moose hunters come to the bus and find Chris's body and his last note. They called the park rangers and they were able to get Chris's body out of there. Everyone who knew Chris was distraught at the news and how he was planning on coming back to see everyone made it that much more sad.