Into the wild

  • Abandon

    Chris Abandons his car and belongings and burns his money.
  • Hitch hiker

    Starts Hiking
  • First ride

    Picked up by Ernie
  • Working

    Works for Ernie on his farm.
  • Friends

    meets the Burrisses
  • On the road again

    Stars hitch hiking again and gets a ticket
  • To the water

    Chris buys a conoe with the last of his money. And starts down the colorado river.
  • Trapped

    Chris gets stuck in Mexico due to a storm
  • Jailed

    Chris is put in jail for trying to sneak back into the U.S.
  • Vegas

    Chris hitch hikes into Las Vegas and settles down for a while.
  • Back to it

    Chris HitchHikes out of Las Vegas
  • Oregon

    Chris goes to Oregon and hangs there for a while.
  • Bullhead City

    Chris Hitch Hikes to Arizona and thinks he might settle there.
  • Bye Bullhead City

    Chris finaly leaves bull head city to head up to Alaska
  • Ron

    Chris Meets a man named Ron in salton city
  • San Diego

    Chris hitch hikes up to California
  • The Grand Junction

    Chris gets picked up by Ron and goes to Colorado
  • Into the Wild

    Chris gets to the trail head of the alaska wilderness
  • Moose!!

    Chris kills a moose and tries to preserve it but fails and ends up abandoning it.
  • Th poison

    Chris starts to eat wild potato seeds and gets poisoned.
  • Death

    Chris Dies
  • Found

    The Moose hunters find Chrises dead body.