Intentions by Murray

By tswick
  • Telegraph

    Invented by Samuel Morse. Sends dots, dashes, and spaces along a electric wire to make a message.
  • Potato Chip

    Invented by George Crum. A snack and junk food.
  • Telephone

    Invented by Alexander Grahm Bell. Sends speech sounds along an electric wire.
  • Lightbulb

    Invented by Thomas Edison. Electric battery connected to carbon filament to produce a light.
  • Coca-Cola

    Invented by John Pemberton. A drink made of lots of ingredients.
  • Q-Tip

    Invented by Leo Gerstenzang. Something to clean out your ears with.
  • Play-Doh

    Inveted by Noah McVicker.Modeling clay.
  • Popsicle

    Invented by Frank Epperson. A treat to eat.