Innovation of the industrial Revolution

Timeline created by saykhan
  • Automobile

    The first automobile was invented by the french Joseph Cugnot (1724-1804) it is used to move effortlessly.
  • Photography

    Photography was invented by the French Joseph Nicéphore (1765-1833) which serves to immortalize a moment or event without having to paint it
  • Phone

    the first telephone was invented by the scotto-canadian Graham Bell (1847-1922). It is used to communicate remotely.
  • Cinematographic film

    The first cinematographic film was invented by the french Auguste Lumiere (1862-1954) and Louis Lumiere (1864-1948) it is used for entertainment
  • Gasoline combustion engine

    The first gasoline explosion engine was invented by the Franco-Belgian Etienne Lenoir (1822-1900). It is used to give power to a machine or to an automobile.