influence of war on sport

  • when the F.A was created.

    The Football Association, English football's governing body, was formed in 1863. 'Organised football' or 'football as we know it' dates from that time
  • rules of football

    a rule came in to play which did not allow players to charge in from behind .
  • corner kicks

    the corner kick was created, these kicks were normally taken by 'half backs' which now days is called a 'centre back'
  • penalty kick

    william mccrum a milford everton goalkeeper, persuades the irish fa to prupose a penalty law to 'IFAB'. the FA introduce the penalty kick in 1891
  • first maximum wage

    in 1990 the first maximum wage was brought in to play, this was allowing professionals to earn a maximum of £4 a week
  • footballs national war fund

    in 1918 the footballs national war fund was registard by the fa to help thoes in assistance due to the war.
  • wembley

    in 1923 wembely was finished. it took 300 days to build just in time for its first math wich was the 1923 FA cup final
  • footballs first night

    sir john charles cleg, was a player reffere and a chairman, before becomeing president of the fa in 1923, he was knighetd by the king for his services in 1927
  • footbals first most expensive player.

    david jack becomes the first five figure sum player, the exact cos that arsenal splashed out for him was £10,890 from bolton. this was nearly double the recored.
  • the worlds first world cup

    the first ever world cup was held in uraguy and was won by the hosts with england not competing
  • substitutes allowed

    teams are now allowede one sub for there injured players in the football league
  • england win the world cup.

    england lift the world cup trophy for the first and only time on home soil, captined by westhams bobby moore
  • first ever coloured televised game.

    westbrom beat everton 1-0 in the firsst fa cup final to be televised in colour.
  • eglands first black international

    ron greenwood said' yellow, purple or black. if there good enough ill pick em.' this was on ron greenwood picking the first black english international.
  • hand of god.

    in the quarter final of the world cup, england vs argentina, one of the greatest football player to live scored the unforgetablle hand of god.
  • hilsbourough

    in the FA cup semi final between liverpool and nottingham forest was possibly the most tragic day for football, as 96 people lose thier lives at the match as the stand collapses.