North american indians map

Indian Wars- Jessica Brogan

  • Sand Creek Massacre 1864

    Sand Creek Massacre 1864
    Issue: Col. Chinvington has a militia of about 500 men to massacre the Cheyenne and Arapho in a camp made to keep peace between the Native Americans and the settlers.
    Who: Chief Black Kettle and Col. John Chivington
    Where: Denver, Colorado
    Outcome: Many southern Cheyenne agreed to move to reservations
    Casualties:Chivington slaughtered between 150-500 people
  • Red River War 1874-1875

    Red River War 1874-1875
    Issue: Southern Indians relocated to Oklahoma Indian Territory under a treaty made in 1867. After which Buffalo hunters destoryed the Indians food supply. The Comanche warriors went after the hunters.
    Who:Comanche war parties, Gen. William Sherman, Lt. Gen. Phillip Sheridan
    Where: Southern Plains
    Outcome: Sherman and Sheridan defeated the warriors and open panhandle to cattle ranching
    Casualties: Not a remarkable amount.
  • Battle of Bighorn 1876

    Battle of Bighorn 1876
    Issue: The government forces the Sioux to the Bighorn Mt., and a man reports of gold in the mountains. The government tried to buy the land back but the Sioux decline. So Custer is sent to get the Sioux out of the mountains.
    Who: Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, Lt. Col. George A Custer
    Where: Northern Plains, Dakota, Wymoing, and Montana territories
    Outcome/Casualities: Custer meets a huge force. Custer and about 200 men die in the battle.
  • Nez Pereź War , 1877

    Nez Pereź War , 1877
    Issue: General Howard orders Cheif Jospeh and his tribe to a reservation and he refused, violence starts. Joseph leads 700 people on a 1,400 mile flight to Canada. When they were 40 miles short of the border soldiers stopped them.
    Who: Cheif Joseph, Gen. Oliver H Howard, Col. Nelson Miles
    Where: Wallowa Valley of Idaho, Washington territories, and Oregon.
    Outcome/Casualties: Many died of disease but survivors moved to a reservation in Washington territory
  • Battle of Wounded Knee, 1890

    Battle of Wounded Knee, 1890
    Issue: The government tried to calm the issue that started with the Ghost Dance. Indian police officers tried to arrest Sitting Bull and when he resisted, the officers shot and killed him. As his followers were surrondering, someone fired their gun and the soldiers opened fire.
    Who: Sitting Bull, U.S. 7th Calvary
    Where:Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
    Outcome/Casualties: The soldiers killed more than 200 Sioux. This was the last major strike of violence in the Indian Wars.