Indian wars

  • Period: to

    indian wars

  • Treaty of fort Laromie

    Treaty of Fort Laromie witch guaranted Amarican Indians land rights on the great plains.
  • Arapho forces clash with local militia

    violant confrontion in colorado
  • goverment created peace comision

    a meeting with indians
  • goverment violated treaty and went to black hills

  • battle of little big horn

    thousands of sioux and cheyene allyes were grooped on redbud creek the native americans were atacked by wight soldgers and were forsed to atack the solgers and kill them all
  • Geronimo fled reservation

    Geronim fled a reservatin with 75 follors with raded wights
  • Geronimo serenders

    after being outnumber out guned and starving geronimo serenderd
  • Dawes generel Allotmend act

  • death of sitting bull

    sitting bull and 14 outhers are killed
  • wounded knee

    150 sioux killed by the u.s army