Indian Removal

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  • Alexander Mc.gillivray

    Alexander Mc.gillivray
    Alexander mc.gillivray

    He negotiated the Treaty of Pensacola with Spain,which protected the creek rights.
  • Sequoyah

    cherokee syllabary
    He invented a system that represented cherokee syllabary.
    he helped cherokees.
  • William mcintosh

    William mcintosh


    William negotiated and signed the Treaty of Indian Springs,which signed away all Creek lands in Georgia.
  • Andrew Jackson

     Andrew Jackson
    the indian removal act was signed by Mr.Jackson.
  • John Marshall

    John Marshall
    john marshall Cheif marshall ruled in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
  • Worcester v. GA

    Worcester v. GA
    court case
    Court case:the cherokee indians constituted a nation holding distinct sovereign this result it didn't protect the cherokee from their land.
  • John Ross

    John Ross
    The principal cheif of Cherokee Nation(Mr.Ross), he was forced to lead the cherokee through The Trails of Tears.
  • trail of tears

    trail of tears
    the state of Georgia held lotteries to distribute land seized from the Cherokees and Creeks.they gave away three quarters of the land.last but not least,the U.S. Army drove the Cherokees to Indian Territory in severe winter.At least 4,000 cherokees died.
  • Danlonega Gold Rush

    Danlonega Gold Rush
    operation of the Branch Mint at Dahlonega
    It coined more than $100,000 worth of gold in its first year-COOL!