Indian Independence Timeline

  • Indian Rebellion of 1857

    Sepoys become very angry at the British government. The start capturing cities in order to overthrow the British government
  • Goverment of India Act

    The Rebellion failed, but the Government passed an act to improve the government of India to make it more equal
  • Gandhi Birth

    Gandhi Born into a rich merchant family
  • Empress of India

    Queen Victoria of England takes on another title: Empress of India
  • Congress of India forms

    The congress of India is formed so itself can write laws for the Indians
  • Muslim League is formed

    The muslim league is formed
  • Split Congress

    The Indian Congress is split into Hindus and Muslims.
  • Lucknow Pact

    The Hindus and the Muslims form the lucknow pact to form a stronger group to fight the British
  • Indian Soldiers come back home

    Indian Soldiers are going to back home to India after the first world war
  • The Rowlatt Act

    Enacted after the first world war to control public unrest and to root out conspiracy in India
  • Amritsar Massacre

    A protest that went wrong. British soldiers came in and started to fire at the innocent Indians. It was a turning point in the Indian independence movement
  • Gandhi the leader

    Gandhi becomes the leader of the Indian Congress
  • Congress endorses civil disobedience

    The congress agrees to the use of civil disobedience to gain independence from the British
  • Non-Cooperation Act

    The non-cooperation is passed by the Indian Congress
  • Prison

    Gandhi is sentenced to prison for six years but only serves for two years
  • Salt March

    March to the Sea where Gandhi makes his own salt in protest against the rising salt taxes
  • Government of India Act

    Government of India act was passed to change a few things in India
  • Partition of India

    India is separated into Pakistan and India
  • Death of Gandhi

    Gandhi is assassinated