India Independence Movement

  • Ghandi Goes to England

    When Ghandi was 19 he went to England to study law came back to england later as a great lawer
  • Period: to

    India Independence

  • Ghandi Returns to England

    Ghandi returns to India after traveling around the world fighting against racial predjudice joined congress
  • Non Violence and Civil Disobedience

    refusal to obey unjust laws brought to India By Ghandi and based on Transcendentalism
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Unarmed men and women were gunned down by british soldiers during a civil protest
  • Boycotts Of British Goods

    civil protests by not buying textiles and goods from british company and showing nationalism within country
  • Salt March

    Ghandi set out to end british salt monopoly when british claimed all salt to sell and own and texting
  • Seperate Muslim state

    Jinnah Voted for seperation of India into Pakistan as well
  • WWII

    New world war forced soldiers of Britain including Indians to help fight for Britain many declined and were sent to jail.
  • After WWII

    After war ended Hindu Muslim Violence raged on in India
  • 2 states

    Jinnah Insisted muslims have own state and british officials drew borders To create Pakistan
  • Tragedy Unfolds

    Mass migration led to Violence in India
  • Ghandi Dies

    Ghandi was shot and killed by a hindu extremist eased viloence but still continued