India Independence

  • Gandhi in England

    Went to Europe to study Law.
  • Gandhi returns to India

    Returns home from South America.
  • Amristar Massacre

    10,000 Indians open fired on command.
    Helped India become independent.
  • Boycotts of British goods

    Gandhi boycotted British goods and encouraged use of Indian goods to restore nationalism.
  • Nonviolent and civil disobedience

    Important milestone for Indian nationalism
  • Salt March

    British sold salt and with taxes they were ensured to keep control in India. Gandhi went and took salt, followed by many Indians to make a point. Gandhi was arrested.
  • Seperate Muslim state

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the new leader. He created Pakistan, a specific place for Muslims.
  • Two sates

    Muslims and Hindu conflict encouraged Britian to split the subcontinent Inidia into India and Pakistan
  • WWII

    Declated war on Nazi Germany. Brought into war without confertation.
  • After WWII

    Wanted independence but Hindu / Muslim conflict arose after WWII ended.
  • Tragedy unfolds

    Muslims and Hindu's invade and attack each other.
  • Gandhi's killed

    Shot and killed by a Hindu