Impact of ICT

  • First computer invented

    First computer invented
    It was called the difference engine and it was invented by Charles Babbage. It was not electric and could only do small amounts of maths. It was a lot less powerful than a modern-day calculator.
  • The First Electronic Device Ever Invented – Relay

    The First Electronic Device Ever Invented – Relay
    A remote switch controlled by current, temperature or magentism. It was invented by Joseph Henry.
  • First stereoscope (3D image projecter)

    First stereoscope (3D image projecter)
    The stereoscope was first invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone. It showed that when two pictures are viewed stereoscopically, they are combined by the brain to produce 3D images, creating depth.
  • First SED (Sound emitting device)

    First SED (Sound emitting device)
    The gramophone was capable of recording or playing sounds from scratched or dented circular discs, engraved to play different sounds. It was later called the record player. It was invented by Thomas Edison.
  • First electronic computer.

    First electronic computer.
    The Z1, created by Germany's Konrad Zuse in his parents lounge is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer.
  • The first computer code

    The first computer code
    Plankalkul was invented in the early 1940's after the first electrically powered computers were activated.
  • First video game

    First video game
    Cathode ray tube missile simulator was developed by Thomas Goldsmith and used analog equipment to control where the CRT would go. Graphics could not be drawn so targets were displayed by screen overlays. It was inspired by WWII dogfighters.
  • First integrated circuit board

    Invented by Jack Kilby, the first demostration was given to Texas Instruments of the first working intergrated example.
  • First Mouse

    First Mouse
    This included a base mouse ball, which determined where the cursor would move.
  • Arpanet - the first internetwork system.

    Arpanet - the first internetwork system.
    developed in the early 70's, late 60's, this was the first piece of technology to connect networks to other networks. It was later developed and was began by stanford research facility.
  • First Virus

    First Virus
    Infecting Arpanet, this was the first interweb virus.
  • First email sent

    First email sent
  • First online games within LAN and WAN.

    First online games within LAN and WAN.
    Plato was invented when ARPANET and other interweb equipment were maturing. Students were able to recieve online lessons from several different locations using this program and packet-based computer networking. The first was text based and was called Dungeon.
  • Internet invented

    Internet invented
    Also could have been invented in '69 by the Russians.
  • First mobile

    First mobile
    Created and shown by John F. Mitchell, the first portable telephone weighed about a kilogram.
  • History of Apple incorporated.

    History of Apple incorporated.
    It was initiated by Steve Jobs and his assosciates. The first product was a personal computer, at the price of $666.66 which is over 2 and a half grand now, adjusted to inflation. It was called Apple I. Apple had some obstacles, with losses and failures, but now their shares sometimes peak a hefty $100, and they are one of the most successful mobile and monitor companies worldwide.
  • First multiplayer game

    First multiplayer game
    Multi-user dungeon was a text-based game where people everywhere who had the game could interact.
  • First Monitor

    Cathode ray tubes were the first objects to make up a computer monitor and display information. The first colour version was invented by IBM in 1981.
  • First portable audio player

    The personal cassette was first put into production by Sony Walman, and sold very well. It became mainstream, like an ipod in present day. It was listened to with stereophonic headphones
  • The mario franchise

    Started in 1981, Mario is the most sold franchise in gaming history. It has survived for 32 years. It was created by Nintendo and has gone into many different genres of game, and is now the mascot character of the company.
  • First 'emoticon'

    Created by Scott E Fahlman, he came up with: :-). It started to become universal in the next few years.
  • The first IP and TCP adresses

    This was developed by Vinton Cerf. It enabled people to be able to run websites so people could see it internationally. This was quite complicated and not very understandable to humans. Better versions of WWW were created shortly afterwards.
  • First MMO

    The first commercial MMORPG, although not super-popular considering it was mid 80's time, was Island of Kesmai created by Kelton Flinn and John Taylor. Still individual, this game became available in 1985 for $12.00 per hour by the CompuServe online service and could handle up to one hundred players.
  • First search engine

    'Archie' was developed in 1991 and got lots of publicity due to people hearing rumours of scientists easily browsing webpages with a new programme. The developers name was Alan Emtage.
  • Three British singers with a Cern laboratory music group posted the first photo to the world wide web.

  • First FPS: Wolfenstein 3D

    This kickstarted the genre with a 360 view of the map. It was quite basic, with a short backstory, due to the fact it was an experiment (no-one had done anything like it before). It was originally to do with killing Hitler and featured many nazi flags. The game had to be changed so there was a boss not related to reality and no signs of fascist decoration as many Germans and other people had complained it was offensive.
  • First Social Networking site.

    First Social Networking site.
    'class mates' was first released in 1995 and became an instant hit with young Americans who wanted to share stories with each other. It was quite similar to early Facebook, although it was available to anyone, rather than just one college.
  • Beginning of Electric music in the form of dubstep.

    Beginning of Electric music in the form of dubstep.
    The earliest dubstep releases date back to 1998, and were usually featured as B-sides of 2-step garage single releases. These tracks were darker, more experimental remixes with less emphasis on vocals, and attempted to introduce elements of breakbeat and drum and bass into this new genre.
  • Facebook launch

    Facebook launch
    Since 2012 facebook has had 1 billion users. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg. It was produced originally as a local system for students at Harverd to speak to each other and add pictures of each other with ease. It was eventually expanded to any ivy league university and then anyone over the age of 13.
  • Twitter launch

    Twitter launch
    Twitter was introduced after the company 'Odeo' had a 'day-long brain-storming session' on how to create a quality webpage that supported SMS and a short burst of information that was available to a small group of people.
  • Quantum computing prediction

    This is a new level of technology, quantum computing, instead of using '0's and '1's sends photons of information over long distances where they arrive and are decoded after being encoded by the sender. It will be sent by the 'cloud' network, which is called blind computing which is the sending and recieving of information without it being revealed.