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If John Hyatt had not invented plastic, what would have happend?

  • Invention of Celluloid

    Invention of Celluloid
    If John Hyatt in 1860 had not invented celluliod, life during the 20th century would have been different.
  • Celluliod Marketing

    Celluliod Marketing
    Dental plates wouldn't have existed if John hyatt had not traded celluloid to the dentistry business
  • Leo Baekeland created bakelite

    Leo Baekeland created bakelite
    If Leo Baekeland had not invented the first synthetic plastic, named bakelite, the era of plastics would not have been born.
  • Cellophane was created

    Cellophane was created
    If cellophane had not been created, the candy industry would not have had a moistureproof package
  • Creation of PVC

    Creation of PVC
    If in 1920 chemists had not invented PVC, we would not have had plastic hoses, plastic plumbing pipes and plastic bottles
  • Creation of Nylon by Wallace Carothers

    Creation of Nylon by Wallace Carothers
    The textil industry would only used cotton if Wallace Carothers had not invented nylon in1930.
  • The EVERYTHING plastic is created

    The EVERYTHING plastic is created
    If polyethylene had not been invented, todays industries would not have been able to sell their products in a variety of packages like, soda bottles, plastic bags, food containers and the military industry would not have a light weight material to use in radios and other military equipment.
  • Creation of Teflon by DuPont

    Creation of Teflon by DuPont
    if in 1938 DuPont had not created a sticky-free substance easy to wash, cooking today would have been very difficult and washing pans too.
  • Creation of polyester

    Creation of polyester
    We would not have good sportwear to exercise if DuPont had not introduced polyester in 1951
  • Invention of Polycarbonate also called Lexan

    Invention of Polycarbonate also called Lexan
    If polycarbonate had not been created in 1953, light weight bullet proof laminates, pressure helmets used by astronauts, fighter jet windshields, laptop housings, Cds, DVDs and cell phones would not have existed at all.