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IEP Process Timeline

  • Disability Suspected

    Disability Suspected
    -Anyone is able to suspect students are having a disability-Students (ages 2 ½ to 21) who is showing signs of having a disability should be referred ("Steps in the," 2009)
  • Referral Made

    Referral Made
    Any school official or parent can make a referralReasons for referral include: Failing to pass hearing/vision screening, unsatisfactory performance on tests or accountability measures, Receive multiple academic or behavior warnings, Repeatedly failing one or more subjects, Inability to progress or participate in appropriate preschool activities, and Receives services from family centersParents need to be notified if a referral is made("Steps in the," 2009)
  • Disposition of Referral

    Disposition of Referral
    The IEP team (including parents) has 15 days to determine whether the school can meet the needs with regular services. Schools must give parents a written notice of decision for disposition of referral with reasons. This must take place within in 15 days. If testing is required, parents’ written consent is required. ("Steps in the," 2009)
  • Evaluation

    Students are given a full evaluation to decide on eligibility for special education and to identify their needs. This must be done within 45 days. ("Steps in the," 2009)
  • Period: to


    Team reviews the current information they have including evaluations, assessments, observations, results from test and medical records. The team needs to decide on what else they need.During the evaluation the team must: assess present level of academics, be nondiscriminatory, use child’s native language, be validated, assess all areas of suspected disability, use variety of tools, use more than a single procedure, and technically sound system.("Steps in the," 2009)
  • Results to parents

    Results to parents
    Parents can request the results 5 days before the IEP meeting.
  • Evaluation must be completed

    Evaluation must be completed
    The evaluation must be completed by today and a meeting with the IEP and parents will be held. During this meeting the results and plan will be discussed.
  • Determination of Eligibility/ disability

    Determination of Eligibility/ disability
    A written policy of how they evaluated/determined eligibility need to be done. Some of those might include the discrepancy model between ability and achievement, response to RTI, and other research based procedures. ("Steps in the", 2009)
  • Extension

    Evaluation can be extended 15 if the parents and students agree. There can only be one extension.
  • Development & Approval of IEP

    Development & Approval of IEP
    The IEP team must mset and begin to develop an IEP within 30 days of eligibility determination. There must be a review annual and put in place at the beginning of each year. ("Steps in the", 2009)
  • Determination of placement

    Determination of placement
    Placement should be the least restrictive environment in which needs are met. Parents must agree or if they disagree another meeting will take place. Once agreed and consent is given, the student will start as soon as possible.
  • Parents sign IEP

    Parents sign IEP
    Parents have 14 days to review and sign the IEP on the determination is made. ("Steps in the", 2009)
  • Ongoing Monitoring

    Ongoing Monitoring
    Meeting will be done once a year. Teachers, special education teachers, and parents will continue to monitor the students progress. It is important to keep track of the the students progress towards its goals stated in the IEP. Note: Reevaluation takes place every 3 years unless its needed more frequently. If a parent requests a meeting, that needs to take place within 21 days. ("Steps in the", 2009)