By duganth
  • Continental Navy Created

    Esek Hokpins Commands Squadron
  • U.S. Navy Established

    George Washington
  • Office of Naval Intelligence

    Office of Naval Intelligence Created
  • Period: to

    Grace Hopper

    First programmers of Harvoard Mark I computer
    Cobol language
    Debugging term coined
  • Great White Fleet

    Round the world cruise to show the flag doemostrating strength of U.S. Navy by Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Osmond Ingram Dies on USS CASSIN DD 43

    DD 255 named after him
  • Period: to

    On the Roof Gang

    176 enlised radio operators were specially traned to intercept and analyze foreign radio communications.
  • Purple Code

    Code broken by US Army Signal Specialists.
    LT Raven discovered Japnense had divided month into three 10 day periods.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Coral Sea

    World's first carrier verses carrier battle; saved Austrialia from invasion
  • Period: to

    Battle of Midway

    US Naval Intelligence cryptologist broke JN25 code. This enabled US victory in which 4 Japenese carriers were lost and USS Yorktown was lost
  • Period: to


    Five Sullivan Brothers died onboard USS Juneau and 700 others were lost, USMC pushed Japanese off island despite lack of numbers lessen danger of attack on Australia
  • Battle of Normandy

    Largest Apmhibious operation in history
  • Period: to

    Battle of Leyte Gulf

    One of the largest naval battles in history cutting off Japanese from supplies from the south
  • Inchon

    Korean amphibous invasion that resulted in a decisive vitory for UN. Cut North Korean army off via Inchon a strategic port with a nearby airport.
  • Mercury 3

    Commander Alan Shepard participated in the first U.S. Manned space flight
  • Gemini 3

    LCDR John Young was part of the first U.S. two man space mission completing 3 Earth orbits.
  • USS Liberty

    Navy technical research ship attacked by Israeli fighter planes by torpedo boats killing 34 crew members and wounding 174 others.
  • USS Pueblo

    Captured while intercpting Soviet signals. Poor EDP resulted in small percentage of classified material destroyed.
  • EC121

    Recon plane shot down by North Koreans resulting in death of 31 Americans.
  • Apollo 11

    Neil Armostrong particpated in the space flight that landed first humans on the moon.
  • Period: to

    Apollo 17

    Eugen Cernan and Ron Evans particpated in 7tg and final lunar mission.
  • IS Rate Created

    PT and YN 2505- Intelligence Clerks merged to make IS
  • Period: to


    John Young and Robert Crippen particpated in the first orbital test flight of Space shuttle
  • USS Stark

    Exocet antiship missiles fired from and Iraqi F-1 plan that was failed to be detected by EW planes. 37 Sailors were killed and 21 injured.
  • Core Vaules

    Adopted by Admiral Frank Kelso following Tailhook
  • Sailors Creed

    Admiral Kelso
  • EP-3 Incident

    Mid air collision between US Navy and China forcing EP-3 down. 24 crewmembers were detained until April 11.
  • WTC Attack

    These ONI members lost their lives:
    CDR Shanower
    LCDR Tolber
    LT Pankik
    LT Pontell
    IT1 Cooper
    Angie Houtz
    Gerard Moran
    Brady Howell