Idustrial Revolution

  • Steamboat

    the steamboat which was created by Robert Fulton increased the speed of goods getting traveld across sea.I think that the steamboat was a really good invention because it helped people get their goods ALOT faster.
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    The Cotton Gin that was created by eli whitney increased the ammout of cotton produced and also increased the ammount of slaves needed to help produce the cotton.My opinion on the coton gin was that i didnt like how many slaves were being worked.
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph which was created by Smauel F.B morse made it easier to send messages by typing letters in a form of what is now called a keyboard.i think that the telegraph was a good invention because it didnt take as long for people to get their messages.
  • Lightbulb

    The lightbuld which was created by thomas edison was a big impact on life and made it alot easier.People did not have to lug around candles opinion about the light bulb it that it was a good thing that it cmae along because people were getting tired of having to keep buying candles
  • Diesel engine

    Diesel engine
    The diesel engine which was created by Rudolf Diesel proved to people that fuel could be ignited without a spark.In my opinion the diesel engine was a great time saver in transportation.
  • I pod touch

    I pod touch
    The ipod touch was created lachlan kelly which was one of the new movements in opinion on the ipod touch is that is was a really great invention.
  • First Airplane

    First Airplane
    The first airplane which was created by the wright brothers was a new and special mode of opinion on the first airplane is that it was a good invention.