I Won't Give Up, Jason Mraz

  • Baby Mraz

    Baby Mraz
    Jason Mraz born in Mechanicsville Virginia
  • Period: to

    Birth to Release Date

  • Childhood Music

    As a Child, Mraz listened to his fathers music which mostly consistited of oldies (1950's-1960"s) motown. As Mraz grew older, he became interested in hip hop and dance music.
    * Note, there is no set date or time period of which this was.
  • Parents Divorce

    Parents Divorce
    Love For a Child
    Jason's Parents divorced when he was 8 which could have been an affect of his song lyrics and meanings.
  • Going Pro

    Mraz got his first "professional" gig playing in a local r&b band called "Dressed to Kill" who's other memembers were in their 20's, Mraz only being 13 sang the high parts since his voice was not yet fully developed.
  • High School Inspiration

    High School Inspiration
    In High School, Mraz was highly influenced by singer-songwriter Dave Matthews. He realized in high school that he could write a song that told a story, then sing it.
  • After High School

    After High School
    After Graduating, Mraz went to New York to study musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Acadamey.
    He dropped out of school when someone gave him a guitar where he spent his days in central park, learning to play.
  • San Diego

    San Diego
    City of San Diego
    Java Joes
    Mraz moved to San Deigo where he played in coffeehouses and earned a weekly gig. In 2000 Mraz played at Java Joes every Thursday(where he met percussionist Toca Rivera) After 6 months his performances were sold out for the next year. He eventually asked the owner if he could live there and he slept in a booth in the back of the store.
  • I do, just not anymore

    I do, just not anymore
    Mraz was briefly married to make up artist Sheridan Edley, they ended their marriage not long after. Mraz meets and becomes good friends with Tristan Prettyman
  • Making it Big

    Making it Big
    jasons journal
    Elektra records
    Mraz's demo disk earned airplay which then got him the oppurtunity to sign with Elektra in 2002. It was at Jason's first showcase that the President of marketing and artist development realized just how big Mraz was. His first album was recorded with Dave Matthews Band.
  • Waiting for My Rocket to Come

    Waiting for My Rocket to Come
    The Remedy
    Jason's first album is released. Most popular song on the album " The Remedy ( I Won't Worry)" written after a friend of his was diagnosed with Bone Cancer.

    By 2004 the album had sold over 800,000 copies.
  • I'm not yours anymore

    I'm not yours anymore
    Tristans Reveal
    Just 6 months after getting engaged to girlfrien Tristan Prettyman, mraz and Prettyman call it quits to their engagement.
  • Love is a Four Letter Word

    Love is a Four Letter Word
    <I Wont Give Up live
    "I Won't Give Up" was released on January 3rd as the first official single of Jason's fourth studio album. It was written by Mraz and Michael Natter. The song was his second top-ten single after "I'm Yours".