Humanities Renaissance People

  • Dec 3, 1405

    Zheng He

    Zheng He was an early CHinese explorer who was asked by the emperor to promote the tribute system. He traveled to Malacca, Srilanka, Calicut and Hormuz.
  • Dec 4, 1452

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Da Vinci was a painter, a sculptor, an architect and an engineer. He studied Human Anatomy which made him do in depth art. He put all his research in notebooks and kept them safe from others by writing in mirror script. He painted the famous Mona Lisa.
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Chrisopher Columbus

    Christopher columbus was an italian sea merchant on a search to find India by sea by going west. Instead he reached America, which he called the new world. This started a trade route called the Columbian exchange.
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    This treaty is to seperate spain and portugals sailing areas of the world. Portugal got the east half of the globe (asia). Spain got the complete unknown which was the west (The new world).
  • Sep 20, 1519

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Magelan wantd to fullfill Columbuses dream of finding sea route to India by going west. He left on the 20th september and managed to get to the Phillipenes but was killed there so his crew continued and reached spain. They were the first to circunavigate the globe.
  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Galilei

    Galileo was a scientist, astronomer, mathmetician and a proffessor who was patroned by the medici family. He had a risk of the catholic church because some of his discoveries defied the bible.
  • Isaac Newton

    He was a mathematician. He was also a physician. He came up with te theory of gravity.