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how the ipod changed

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  • Kane Kramel

    Kane Kramer applied for a UK patent for his design of a plastic music box in 1981 which hhe called X8 he was unable to secure funding to renew the US$ 120,000 worldwide patent, so it lapsed and Kramer never profited from his idea.
  • THE evoloution of the ipod started

    THE evoloution of the ipod started
    there are four current versions of the ipod ipod shuffel, ipod nano, ipod touch, ipod classic. Ipods can serve as external data storage device.
  • them not selling them

    them not selling them
    HP stoped selling ipods due to unfavorable terms and condition imposed by Apple
  • that many`

    that many`
    The ipod was produced by about 14,000 workers in the US.and 27,000 overseas
  • The brithish

    The brithish
    The brithish tabliod reported that ipods are mainley manufacted by workers who who earn no more then US $50 per month and work for 15 hour shifts.
  • lots of it

    lots of it
    apple reported recordquartely revenure of US$7.1 billion, of which 48% of it was made from ipod sales.
  • what happened

    During a lawsuit with patient holding companey burst.com, apple drew attention to a patient similar device that was devoloped in 1997
  • suicide again

    there was another man who killed himself when an Apple protype went missing, and claimed in messeges to a friend, that he had been beaten and interrogated.
  • Suicide

    a number of workers commited suicide at a foxconn operation in China
  • that many ipods

    that many ipods
    Apple reported that total number of ipods were sold worldwide was 350 million